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You can get started online by clicking here , visiting our closest store or giving us a call. Can I keep my current phone number? You can transfer your number to Verizon in most cases.

Fios TV One.

Learn more about keeping your phone number. Can I bring my own phone? Read all about bringing your own phone. What happens to my content if I buy a new phone? To help you set up your new phone with all your content, like contacts and photos, visit our Content Transfer Center. Which of these plans is right for me or my family?

You can see the features and benefits of these plans on our plan comparison page. Common plan questions.

The best Verizon Wireless plans in October 12222

How many lines can I have on my account? You can have a total of 10 phone lines on your account , plus 20 connected devices like tablets and smartwatches. Can I choose more than 1 plan for my account? Instead of having 1 plan for your entire account, each line can pick a plan that fits best. Can I get the Just Kids plan for my account? The Just Kids plan is available in combination with any of the 4 unlimited plans.

Read all about our special plan for kids. Is 5G Ultra Wideband available with these plans? Your device has to support 5G Ultra Wideband, and it has to be available in your area. Can I use my phone in Canada and Mexico on these plans? You can use your calling and texting allowances in Canada and Mexico.

Internet Only Plans

You may use your data at 4G speeds up to MB, after which speeds are reduced to 2G speeds. You can switch your plan in My Verizon. Discounts and pricing explained.

How much do these plans cost? Your monthly cost depends on which plans you pick and how many lines are on your account. How do I get the monthly Auto Pay and paper-free discount? You can get a monthly discount per line by enrolling in Auto Pay and paper-free billing. Are discounts available for military or first responders? Yes, military and first responders are eligible for an account level discount.

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Learn more about these discounts. How do I get a discount on a connected tablet or Jetpack plan? See more plan features on our comparison page. Get Unlimited with no long-term contracts, activation fees or credit checks.

Verizon Fios Deals: New Bundles & Triple Plays From $/month

Business Unlimited to keep you ready. Find the right plan for your business. Starting with five lines, these Unlimited plans are designed to grow with you. Don't need an Unlimited plan yet? Choose a plan that fits your needs. As of September , Visible also has a free phone option.

Verizon NEW Unlimited Plans!!! 2019

If you swap an old Android, you can get a Visible R2 device at no additional charge. This is a budget phone designed by ZTE just for Visible customers. Customer support is available through chat, text and Facebook. Billing matters are also handled through the app. To cancel, you must chat with a customer service representative. See our comparison here. Get answers to your money questions delivered to your inbox daily! What Is Visible? Visible is much cheaper than Verizon, but is it really worth it? Verizon recently overhauled its unlimited data plans and offers four of them, but Visible is a lot less complicated.

For that monthly price, you get unlimited talk, text and high-speed data. Data may be slowed during network congestion. Wi-Fi Calling can be enabled on select devices, including iPhones, at no additional charge. If this feature is important to you, confirm that your device is eligible before signing up. Mobile hotspot speeds are capped at 5 Mbps and limited to one tethered device at a time. For those who like to stream video in HD, Visible is probably not the best carrier. Want to see the difference?